Server Administration

Linux is the ideal choice for servers, at home, in the office, or at the data center, because it is a free and open-source solution. But it is not only suited to just Servers but Desktops as well.

Some examples of Linux based Solutions:

LAMP: Linux/Apache/MariaDB/PHP. This is the de facto standard for any web hosting solution. In fact, in most cases, it is the starting point of your server configuration. Other options include Nginx and MySQL.

Nextcloud: Started off as a self-hosted alternative to Dropbox, Nextcloud has grown into a fully-fledged Groupware solution, with built-in AI as well as Video Conferencing and a host of other features that will simply complement your business.

ISPConfig: If you want to run a web hosting business then for years the only real option was to use cPanel. However, this has become prohibitively expensive. ISPConfig has stepped up to take the reigns. Fully open-source and with a big community to back it, it is flexible and powerful without the heavy monthly costs.

Invoice Ninja: A self-hosted accounting platform that has more to offer than what first meets the eye. Your financial data is just that, yours, and you can take it where ever you want since you are not restricted to a single vendor.

Jellyfin: Host all your media content (video, audio, images, and more) on a central server, allowing you to access the content freely from your PC, phone, tablet, or TV. An ideal solution for companies who wish to provide video training content to staff or clients, or even a guest house B&B that has had one too many DVDs stolen by guests.

On top of the above, we also offer support, installation, training, automation, and any other assistance required for Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, Rocky, or pretty much any other Linux Distro you can think of.

By hosting your own server you are not hit with excessive license fees charged per user. It’s the cost of the hardware (once off if onsite, or monthly if in the cloud) and a small SLA fee for us to manage and maintain your setup.

We have a wide range of onsite hardware as well as very flexible options hosted in secure data centers with a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

We can work onsite or remotely, installing, maintaining, and even automating your Linux ecosystem. Whether you want a small media server at home or a cluster of Servers in the data center. We have you covered.