Start Your Own Web Hosting and Website Business – NO TECHNICAL EXPERIENCE NEEDED

Are you looking to start your own web hosting and website business but lack the technical expertise? ZAKS Web has the perfect solution for you. With our comprehensive, 100% white-labelled package, you can launch your business effortlessly and start earning from day one. Our offering includes everything you need to get started and succeed in the competitive world of web hosting, all under your own brand.

Package Overview

For a fee of R4000, ZAKS Web provides a complete business-in-a-box solution that includes:

  • 10GB of hosting for your emails and website for up to one year
  • Design of a professional 5-page website
  • Registration of a domain
  • Setup with South Africa’s leading domain registrar
  • Training on ordering domains for your clients
  • Ongoing hosting starting at R80 (10GB) per month for each package you provide to clients
  • Comprehensive design and development services for your clients’ websites
  • Automated invoicing and quoting platform setup
  • Migration to a scalable cloud-based hosting server as your business grows
  • Continuous training and support

Instant Business: Just Add Clients!

Starting your web hosting and website business has never been easier. With ZAKS Web, you don’t need any technical skills. We handle all the technical aspects under your brand, allowing you to focus on marketing and acquiring clients. Here’s a detailed look at what we offer:

Comprehensive Hosting and Domain Package

Hosting and Domain Registration

10GB Hosting Package: You get 10GB of hosting space, which is ample for your business’s emails and website needs for up to one year. Domain: We will register a domain for your business, establishing your online presence with a professional domain name.

Professional Website Design

5-Page Website: Our team will design a professional 5-page website tailored to your business needs. This site will serve as your primary online presence and a showcase of your web design capabilities to potential clients.

Domain Registrar Setup and Training

Domain Registrar Setup: We will set you up with South Africa’s number one domain registrar. This setup allows you to manage domain registrations for your clients efficiently.
Training: You will receive training on how to register and transfer domains for your clients, ensuring you can offer a seamless service.

Client Hosting and Billing

Client Hosting Packages

R80 per Month: For each 10GB hosting package you provide to your clients, you will be charged R80 per month. This allows you to price your services competitively while maintaining healthy profit margins.

Additional Packages:

  • 25GB for R160pm
  • 50GB for R270pm

Design and Development Team

Full-Service Design and Development: ZAKS Web acts as your design and development team, handling all the design and development work for your client’s websites. This means you can offer professional web design services without needing in-house designers or developers.

Automated Invoicing and Quoting

Invoicing and Quoting Platform: We will set you up with an automated invoicing and quoting platform. This tool simplifies billing and client management, saving you time and reducing administrative burdens.

Scalability and Support

Cloud-Based Hosting Server

Once your client base reaches a monthly expense of R350pm or more, you can upgrade to your own cloud server, specially configured for running your hosting business. And we will migrate all your existing clients across. After all, they are your clients.

Initial Server Configuration: Your initial server will have 2 vCPUs, 4GB RAM, and 80GB SSD storage, costing a fixed fee of R350 per month. This configuration supports ample room for growth, as not all clients will use the entire 10GB; most use barely 2GB.

Additional Cloud Server Options:

  • Next Size Server: 4 vCPUs, 8GB RAM, and 160GB SSD storage at R550 per month.
  • Third Size Server: 6 vCPUs, 16GB RAM, and 320GB SSD storage at R850 per month.

And there is no limit to the number of servers you can have. Sky is the limit. As you grow, you can add more and more.

On the biggest of the three servers, you comfortably accommodate as many as 50 clients on a 10GB package. If you bill them each R150 per month, then your passive income on that server is R6 650 per month.

Continuous Training and Support

Ongoing Training: We provide all the training you need to run your web hosting business successfully. From managing hosting accounts to handling client inquiries, we’ve got you covered.

Support Hours: Our support team is available to assist you from Monday to Thursday, 8 AM to 4 PM, and Friday, 8 AM to 3 PM. After hours support is available, but please note that it is limited, and we only check in periodically.

Marketing and Client Acquisition

Focus on Marketing

With all the technical aspects handled by ZAKS Web, you can focus entirely on marketing and acquiring clients. Our package is designed to free up your time so you can concentrate on growing your business.

Suggested Marketing Strategies

To help you get started, here are some effective marketing strategies you can use:

  • Social Media Marketing: Utilize platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to promote your services and reach potential clients.
  • Content Marketing: Create valuable content such as blog posts, tutorials, and guides related to web hosting and website design to attract and engage your audience.
  • Email Marketing: Build an email list and send regular newsletters and promotional offers to keep your clients informed and engaged.
  • Networking: Attend local business events and networking meetups to connect with potential clients and partners.

White-Label Advantage

Complete Brand Ownership

100% White-Labelled Service: All our services are white-labelled, meaning your clients will only see your brand. They will never know ZAKS Web is involved. This allows you to build your brand credibility and maintain full ownership of your client relationships.

Custom Branding

Branded Communications: All client communications, including invoices and quotes, will be branded with your business name and logo, ensuring a consistent brand experience.

Seamless Client Experience

Client Portal: Provide your clients with a branded client portal where they can manage their hosting accounts and services, further reinforcing your brand’s presence and professionalism.


Starting your own web hosting and website business is now within your reach, even without technical experience. With ZAKS Web’s comprehensive, white-labelled package, you get everything you need to launch and grow a successful business. From hosting and domain registration to professional website design and continuous support, we provide a complete solution that empowers you to focus on what matters most – acquiring clients and building your business.

Take the first step towards financial independence and business success. Contact ZAKS Web today to get started on your journey to owning a thriving web hosting and website business.

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